Special Permissions

Because of Rogue's power I wanted to do a special permissions for her. If she touches you (bare skin against bare skin) she will steal your character's powers (provided they have any), memories and life force as well as bits of your personality/quirks/etc. While the powers and personality are temporary, the memories are permanent. If you'd copypasta this and leave it in comments I'd appreciate it.

In a fight/time of need, can Rogue touch you in order to borrow power/life force:

If she touches your character what sort of memories/powers/personality will she be likely to get:

What sort of reaction will your character have to having their powers/life force sucked out?

Should your character be out of control/attempting to harm others can Rogue touch them as a means to subdue them:

In all instances unless previously discussed she will be letting go before there is any harm done so while it won't be pleasant for your character and they'll likely be left feeling a bit weak and powerless for a period of time (hours)they certainly won't be in danger physically because of it.